Your Sales People Are Using Scratch Paper, Note Books Or Nothing.

This Control Card Gives Your Team A Format To Follow and A Manager To Sign Off.

Box Sizes & Quantity

  • ​S Box 500 Cards $102 + Shipping

  • ​M​ Box 1000 Cards $150 + Shipping

  • ​L Box 1500 Cards $198 + Shipping

  • ​XL Box 3000 Cards $348 + Shipping

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Why It Is a Must Have Product For Your Business?

  • Streamline customer interaction documentation for improved efficiency and time savings.

  • ​Ensure consistency and quality in customer records, enhancing professionalism.

  • ​Foster manager accountability with a sign-off section for oversight and coaching opportunities.

  • ​Facilitate easy training and onboarding for new sales team members.

  • ​Gain valuable customer insights through structured data collection and analysis.

  • ​Meet legal and compliance requirements with accurate and thorough customer logs.

  • ​Project a professional image that instills confidence in customers.

  • ​Track sales performance and identify areas for improvement with trackable records.

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